Hottest Toys of 2017 for Canadians

Whether you’re a kid at heart or just looking for the perfect toy to give your child this year, we’ve got you covered with some this year’s top toys.

WowWee Fingerlings

These Fingerlings love to grab onto things, especially your fingers. Fingerlings by WowWee is a unique interactive toy that will respond to noise, motion, and touch.

Whether it’s showing you how they fell with their big blinking eyes or head turns, you’ll get a different reaction each time. The Fingerlings come in a number of different animals including monkeys and even a unicorn.

Fingerlings are available from Wantboard for $38.99 CAD.

L.O.L. Big Surprise!

The L.O.L Big Surprise offers the ultimate unboxing experience. There are over 50 layers of surprises including dolls and accessories.

All of it comes in a 12-inch Ball that can also be doubled as a carrying case, storage case and bath playset. The L.O.L. Big Surprise is available now from Wantboard for $124.99 CAD.

Hatchimals Surprise

Each Hatchimals Surprise now comes with two Hatchimals inside for double the fun. Once they hatch, you’ll be able to raise and care for your twins and they will interact with each other while they’re playing games and telling jokes.

One twin can even record and replay the message of the other. The Hatchimals Surprise is available now from Wantboard for $114.99 CAD.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular portable gaming consoles this year. The Switch can be played in more than one way, either on your couch connected to your TV or on the go in handheld mode.

You can either play with your friends using local multiplayer or using the two Joy-Con controllers face-to-face. There are a number of games now available for the Nintendo Switch including, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and many more.

The Nintendo Switch is available from a number of retailers for $399 CAD.  


Oonies are bubble-like creatures that you can inflate and can magically stick together to create endless possibilities. All you have to do is inflate them then stick them together and then decorate them however you want. No heat or glue is necessary.

The Oonies Inflator Starter Pack comes with 1 inflator, 36 Oonies pellets, 6 Oonies connectors, 18 Oonies deco bits, 6 display connectors and 12 Oonies eyes.

You can find out more at the Oonies website.