Using the Jiobit GPS Tracker for Kids in Canada

Making sure your kids are safe is a big part of being a parent. One way to do so is with something like Jiobit’s GPS Tracker for kids. It’s one of the smallest location trackers for kids that brings peace of mind for parents. 


Getting started with the Jiobit is fairly straightforward, just download the respective Android or iOS (which is currently only available on the US App Store) and follow the instructions. 

To download the Jiobit on iOS via the US App Store, you’ll need to create a U.S. Apple ID. To create one, just follow the instructions on Apple’s website but remember to select your country as the United States. 

You’ll be asked to create a Jiobit account, which you can do so using your email or Google and Facebook login. The app will then ask you to choose one of the monthly plans which are either $12.99 USD per month or $8.99 USD per month on a two-year commitment. 

Here’s what Jiobit says if you cancel your monthly plan: 

You may cancel your subscription at any time. After your account is cancelled, your Jiobit will be deactivated for security purposes and cannot be reactivated. If you would like the option to reactivate your Jiobit in the future, a small monthly suspend fee will be incurred.

Even though the Jiobit isn’t officially sold in Canada, I had no issues signing up for the $12.99 per month plan and putting in my Canadian credit card and billing details. I was charged around $18 CAD when converted. 

The Jiobit will work in a number of countries including Canada, the US, Mexico and Western Europe. 

The app will then ask you to add your Jiobit device, which you can do by scanning the QR code on the back of the device. 

The Jiobit is designed for use with kids or loved ones you want to keep track of, so you’ll be asked to enter the birthday of your loved one and if they have any special needs including ADHD, Blindness, Deafness etc. 

You’ll then be asked to create a geofence which the app calls Trusted Places. Basically, you can receive alerts when your Jiobit arrives at or leaves a place (i.e your home etc.). You can make the Jiobit’s geofence radius up to 800 ft but I’d recommend setting it to 100-200 ft.

When you connect the Jiobit to your phone, the device will make a high pitch beep that can be fairly loud even when it’s across the room. 

Using the Jiobit

After you’ve connected the Jiobit to the app, it’s ready to use. The app is fairly straightforward, on the main screen, you’ll see the battery life (which lasts around a week) a map with where your loved one and their Jiobit is and if it’s connected over Bluetooth or one of the other connections mentioned below. 

Also on this screen, it shows you a timeline of where the Jiobit has been like whether it has been in a Trusted Place, Bluetooth Alert will notify you when the Jiobit goes out of Bluetooth range. Ring Jiobit is self-explanatory and lets you ring the device from the app if you lose it. 

The Menu screen brings up settings such as Account, Trusted Places, Notification and getting in contact with Jiobit’s Care Team. 

The Jiobit uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular (via its own data plan) and GPS to send it’s location to your phone. So then you’ll have an eye on where your loved one is at all times when they have the Jiobit on them. 

The tracker itself is fairly compact, it’s like half the size of a credit card and as thick as a few toonies stacked. The front of the Jiobit has a slightly rubberized texture with a small loop at the top to hook it through clothing and clips. 

In the box, you’ll get the tracker, charging dock, microUSB cable, Hem-Lock Clip to connect to waistbands, Secure Loop to attach to buttonholes or belt loops. Attaching the different clips are fairly easy but requires a bit of pressure to attach but removing them is a pain.

The Jiobit is water-resistant up to IPX8, meaning it can survive in the washing machine and can be submerged up to 30 minutes. 

In Summary

In conclusion, Jiobit works well in Canada without any issues. The only real issues were being able to use the tracker with an iOS device (because the app is currently not available from the Canadian App Store. On Android, the app was easily accessible via the Canadian Google Play Store. The other thing to note is that the device requires one of their data plans which can get pricey, especially when converted in Canadian Dollars. 

Canadian Compatibility: The Jiobit was easy to set up and worked in Canada without any issues when using an Android device. On iOS, the app is only available on the US App Store. 

In the US, the Jiobit can be purchased from or the company’s website. 

The company also offers a pet version of their tracker which functions the same but comes with an attachment for collars. 

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