Wantboard's Hot New Products For April

As March comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of the hottest products on Wantboard for April.

Google Clips

Google Clips is the company’s first smart camera that can automatically capture life's moments. It was announced at their October 4th event but has recently been made available for purchase.

The camera can last up to 3 hours on a charge and charges over USB-C. It has a 130-degree field of view and captures at 15fps. Google Clips uses the company’s Moment IQ machine learning algorithm, so the camera can automatically detect different moments based on facial recognition, lighting without needing to touch the camera’s capture button.

There’s also 16GB of internal storage and the photos and videos transfer to your phone over Wi-Fi Direct. Google Clips works with Android devices with 7.0 and later and iPhones with iOS 10 and later.

Google Clips is available from Wantboard for $399.99 CAD.

Rylo 360

The Rylo 360 is a camera that can record in 4K. The camera allows you to shoot first then frame and edit your shots later with the Rylo app.

The camera is a 208-degree ultra-wide angle lens and is made from aluminum. To get the footage from your Rylo camera, just connect it to your smartphone either using the microUSB to USB-C cable to connect to an Android phone or microUSB to Lightning cable to connect it to your iPhone.

The Rylo 360 camera is available from Wantboard for $735.99 CAD.

Plume Adaptive WiFi system

The Plume Adaptive WiFi is a mesh router system that is self-optimizing by the cloud. The system will adapt to your home in real time.

The Plume Adaptive WiFi is designed to maximum Wi-Fi coverage through each room in your house. Each Plume Pod can be plugged into any wall outlet and each has an Ethernet jack.

The system will work with most modems and ISPs and installing the Plume Adaptive WiFi can take a matter of minutes via the Plume WiFi app for Android and iOS.

The Plume Adaptive WiFi system is available from Wantboard and comes in a number of configurations. One Plum Pod will set you back $117.99 CAD, a 3-pack for $289.99 CAD and a 6-pack for $508.99 CAD. It’s available in three colours, Champagne (gold), Silver and Onyx (black).

Alcidae Visual Controller for Garage

The Alcidae Visual Controller for Garage is both a controller for your for your garage door and a Wi-Fi security camera. The controller works with most garage door openers and you can open/close your garage from anywhere.

The camera can stream live video which is stored in the cloud, so you can securely monitor what’s going in your garage. The Alcidae Visual Controller for Garage can give you real-time alerts when it detects motion or sounds and there’s two-way audio, so you can listen, see and speak through your device.

The Alcidae Visual Controller for Garage is available from Wantboard for $162.99 CAD.

Roost Smart Water Leak Detector

The Roost Leak Detector is a WiFi-enabled temperature, water, and humidity sensor. It allows you to detect water leaks in your home. It also works to help prevent pipes from freezing and detect how much humidity there is.

If it detects something, it sends a notification to your smartphone via the Roost app for Android and iOS.

You can put the detector under your toilet, sink, hot water heater or near any other water source. The device has a 3-year battery life and uses AAA batteries.

The Roost Leak Detector is available from Wantboard for $89.99 CAD.