Wantboard makes it easy for U.S. brands to fulfill Canadian orders

Reduce the time you spend processing orders

We'll take care of international shipping and customs clearance.

Save on shipping and clearance costs

Consolidate your cross-border shipments with ours to save money.

Provide Canadians with first-rate experience

We'll manage any delivery and customs issues and process your returns in Canada.

Fast setup with no commitment

Sign up today and start selling to Canadians tomorrow with no minimum spend.

How It Works

1. Ship items for your Canadian orders in bulk to our New Hampshire warehouse.

2. We package and label the orders and ship them as a consolidated shipment to Canada.

3. Upon arriving in Canada, your orders are given to a local courier for delivery to the customer.

Trusted by over 10,000 Canadians

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wantboard help me save time and money on my Canadian orders?

We help you save time by taking care of all the fulfilment and shipment preparation for your Canadian orders. This includes the preparation of shipping labels and customs documents. We save you money by consolidating your orders with our other shipments that we send to Canada every week so that you're not sending single-piece shipments from the U.S. to Canada.

What are the biggest issues when shipping to Canada from the U.S.?

Some biggest issues that U.S. eCommerce businesses encounter when shipping to Canadian consumers are: (1) The amount of time it takes to prepare shipping and customs documents; (2) The total cost associated with shipping to Canada which includes the cost of shipping, customs brokerage fees and duties; (3) The cost and effort required to process returns and warranty claims; (4) Difficulty in providing a great customer experience.

How does Wantboard solve these issues?

Wantboard helps solve these problems by: (1) taking care of the preparation of all shipping and customs documents; (2) consolidating your orders with other shipments to ship them to Canada as a single shipment; (3) triaging and processing your returns in Canada, so that returned products can be discarded, recycled or consolidated for return to the U.S.; (4) providing Tier 1 support for your Canadian customers from the time they place their order to the time they receive their order and beyond.

Why should I use Wantboard instead of shipping our orders to our Canadian customers directly?

The main advantages of having Wantboard fulfill your order are the time and money you'll save compared to shipping individual orders to Canada yourself.

Why should I use Wantboard instead of setting up my own Canadian distributor / 3PL or warehouse?

Wantboard's service is intended for U.S. retailers that have an average Canadian order volume of 0 to 10 shipments per day. If you receive over 10 Canadian orders per day, it may be more efficient and cost-effective to set up a Canadian warehouse through a 3PL. 

Will my customers be charged for duties, brokerage fees and taxes upon delivery?

Depending on the items you're shipping, your customer's orders may be subject to import duties, Canadian sales taxes and brokerage fees. We highly recommend that you include these fees upfront when the customer places their order and surprise fees that are due upon or after delivery can often lead to a poor customer experience. Wantboard can help you determine the expected duties and taxes for your products so that you can include them when the customer places their order.

How often should we send our Canadian orders to you?

You can send your items to us as often as you would like. If you only have a few Canadian orders a week, you may want to batch them and send them to us together to save on shipping costs). Based on the date of receipt, we'll be able to provide a shipping date for when we expect the order to ship from our Canadian warehouse to the customer's address.

How much will it cost to have you process and ship our orders to Canada?

Our processing and shipping costs vary based on the items being shipped. Please contact us for more details.

What happens when a Canadian customer wants to return an order?

When a customer wishes to return an item, we review return eligibility and can provide a prepaid return label for them to send their item(s) to our Canadian warehouse. Upon receipt, the item will be triaged and processed. If item(s) need to be returned to the U.S., we can consolidate them with other returns and ship them to you at your requested frequency.

Are there any items that cannot be shipped to Canada?

In general, we cannot ship live or raw meat, produce, plants, alcohol, cannabis or items that require refrigeration and any regulated items such as tobacco, firearms, and medication. Heavyweight or oversized items may not be able to be shipped or may be subject to additional shipping costs.

Is there a minimum number of orders I need to send to Wantboard?

No, there is no minimum amount or quantity of items.

What if there's a delivery or customs issue with the order? Who does the customer contact?

If there are any delivery or customs issues, Wantboard will look after it. The customer can contact us and we'll work with them to resolve it. If needed, we'll contact our shipping carriers, customs broker or you to ensure that we can assist the customer with getting their issue resolved as soon as possible.

Can your warehouse store our inventory so that we don't need to ship inventory to you as often?

Yes, depending on the volume of inventory, we may be able to assist you with this.

Do our customers place their orders on our website or on your website?

If you regularly receive orders from Canadian customers, it would likely be better to have customers place orders through our website. However, if Canadian orders are infrequent, we can add your items to our website and your Canadian customers can order directly from us.