Does Wantboard require a membership or subscription?

No, using Wantboard does not require a membership or subscription . Anyone can place an order at Wantboard at any time with no subscription or sign up fees. We realize that sometimes people just want one item not available in Canada, and not everyone needs regular access to a U.S. mailbox or package forwarding service so we provide a service that allows for easy, one-time transactions.

How much will it cost to ship an item to me?

To find out the cost to ship an item to you, use our calculator to get an estimate. For oversize and heavy items (over 20 lbs), please contact us at through our live chat tool or at for a quote. At Wantboard we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model and list all of our costs and fees upfront so you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before you place an order.

Will I owe taxes, duties or brokerage fees on delivery?

No taxes or duties will be owed on delivery, as all charges are paid up-front and included in the quote we provide you. Unlike other package forwarding services who suggest “contacting your local customs office” to figure out your fees, we take the guesswork out of cross-border shopping. When you place an order with us, you get the final price in Canadian dollars. This means no surprise charges or additional currency exchange fees after you purchase.

Can I save on the shipping fees if I order multiple items?

At Wantboard, there is no surcharge for multiple items. In fact, unlike other package forwarding services that have additional charges for packaging your goods together we see this opportunity to provide you with savings.

Will Wantboard give me a US address to place an order on a website?

No, unlike other package forwarding services, Wantboard will place the order on your behalf meaning you won’t require a US shipping address or a credit card with a U.S. billing address. Not only does this allow for simple one stop shopping on your end, it means you can still order products from websites that require US credit cards and US billing addresses at no extra cost - something that our competitors charge additional fees for.