eufy Smart Lock Front Door

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the eufy Smart Lock Front Door! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.

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  • eufy Smart Lock Front Door


eufy Smart Lock Front Door

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the eufy Smart Lock Front Door! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.

$201.99 CAD $279.99 CAD
Explain Pricing
Item Cost (USD) $149.99
Item Cost (CAD) $200.50
Packaging & Fullfilment $5.00
Transport & Import $30.00
Payment Processing $14.52
Our Service Fee $29.97
Total $279.99

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Smart Lock redefines the concept of home security. With advanced materials, encryption technology, and unlock methods, Smart Lock protects your home, your family, and your privacy.

Keyless Entry Door Lock,app Control, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, BHMA Certified, IPX3 Weatherproof Protection, Electronic Keypad, no Wi-Fi Supported


  • All-Weather Protection: With an IPX3 weatherproof rating, Smart Lock is ready to protect homes in any location. It’s capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30°C/-22°F to 70°C/158°F as well as rainfall.

  • BHMA Grade 2 Security Certification: Certified by the American National Standards Institute to work after locking and unlocking 250,000 times, Smart Lock can easily handle the daily comings and goings of a busy household.

  • Multiple Ways to Unlock: Open remotely via Bluetooth with the Eufy Security app, or by using either the electronic keypad or the key.

  • Automatic Locking: A built-in sensor detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically behind you, keeping your home secure even when you’re in a hurry or your hands are full.

  • Bank-Grade Security: Smart Lock stores your fingerprint and in-app data locally using a bank-grade AES128 encryption chip—rather than on the cloud—to keep your personal information safe and private.

  • Strong and sturdy: Stainless steel plating ensures Smart Lock can endure 1122 kg of weight, enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Bluetooth Unlock: ock and unlock remotely as you approach via Bluetooth with the eufy Security app. Works up to 70 meters away for true hands-free entry.

  • Smart Lock's got your back: When you’re in a hurry or your hands are full, it’s easy to forget about security. That’s why Smart Lock automatically locks behind you, so you can rest easy knowing your home is always secure.

  • Activity log: Check the records to see who has been entering and exiting your home, all via the eufy Security app.

  • Suitable for any season: Keeps your home safe during freezing cold winters, heavy downpours, and dry, hot summers.

  • Built to last: Certified by BHMA to lock and unlock 250,000 times—you could leave your house twice a day for 340 years and Smart Lock would still be going strong.

  • Unlock in an emergency: Unlock your Smart Lock using a portable charger when it is out of power.

  • For lever-handle doors only: In order to install and use Smart Lock correctly, a lever-handle door with a deadbolt is required.

Eufy Security Smart Lock
From eufy, the home security brand where privacy comes first.
Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Your Home
Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation

Easy to Install
It only takes 15 minutes to install Smart Lock. Set it up all by yourself using only a screwdriver—saving you money on calling a contractor. 

Protect Your Passcode
Hide your passcode from prying eyes by setting a scramble code, a series of random numbers you can input to prevent others from spying on your actual code.

Emergency Unlocking
Use a portable charger to unlock your Smart Lock when it’s out of battery power.
The AA batteries last around 12 months before needing to be replaced.

What’s Included
Exterior assembly, interior assembly, deadbolt, strike plate, strike reinforcer, screw pack, 4 × AA batteries, user manual, and a welcome card.

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