Vanatoo Transparent One Encore

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.

$1,035.99 CAD
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  • Vanatoo Transparent One Encore


Vanatoo Transparent One Encore

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.

$1,035.99 CAD
Explain Pricing
Item Cost (USD) $599.00
Item Cost (CAD) $805.58
Packaging & Fullfilment $12.00
Transport & Duties $74.17
Payment Processing $54.86
Our Service Fee $89.38
Total $1,035.99

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Vanatoo’s Transparent One Encore powered speakers are made from heavy duty 18mm thick wood, finished with either a flawless satin black finish or with real cherry wood veneer with a hand rubbed finish. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs.

The dual integrated amplifiers send 100 watts of power to each of the woofers, and 20 watts to each of the tweeters, ensuring ample and perfectly balanced volume levels. The built-in analog input, digital inputs and Bluetooth receiver allow you to connect to any music source. Whether used as desktop speakers or a streaming music system, the Transparent One Encore is your all-in-one musical solution.


  • True 2-way stereo powered speaker system

  • USB, Toslink Optical, Coax, analog and Bluetooth inputs

  • Quick 2 minute setup

  • Auto input switching

  • Vanatoo ClearBass™ Technology

  • Volume, bass and treble controls

  • Subwoofer output with AutoSense

  • 3/4 inch MDF cabinets

  • Low power sleep mode (<0.5W)

  • Best in class bass extension and full-range response

  • Grills included

  • 3 year warranty

Killer Sound Quality
T1E brings improved audiophile sensibilities to small, affordable, and convenient everyday use. Great bass, clear mids, amazing highs, holographic imaging, and incredible dispersion are the magic behind the experience.

USB, Toslink Optical, Coax, Bluetooth and Analog Inputs
Easily connect Transparent One Encore to your computer with the included USB cable, skipping the computer’s often troublesome and noisy sound card. Or if you prefer connect to the Toslink optical or Coax input for the best possible reproduction (Toslink optical cable not included).

The analog input allows direct connection to your phone, phono preamplifier, or other device. And what could be easier than to connect wirelessly to the T1E using your phone’s Bluetooth. T1E’s multiple connections give you flexibility while ensuring an obsolete-proof design. Purchase knowing you have years of happy listening ahead.

ClearBass™ Technology
Vanatoo ClearBass™ technology enables Transparent One Encore to reproduce lower bass than virtually any other speakers their size, producing the warm, rich low notes as they were intended to be played by the artist.

To accomplish this in such a small space, ClearBass™ employs a custom aluminum cone woofer with the patented XBL™ technology, a long stroke passive radiator, bi-amped 100 W per channel high efficiency Class D amplifier, and a 24 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor), all optimized together as one integrated system to provide in-room frequency response from 48Hz to 20KHz  +/-3dB (f3 point) or 40Hz to 20KHz +/-3dB (f10 point).

There is no “mid bass hump” or other gimmicks common to small speakers. The result is full range sound that is unprecedented from such a small system.


Power output
  • 2 amplifiers at 100 watts for woofers
  • 2 amplifiers at 20 watts for tweeters
Amplifier type
  • Class D
Coax/Optical inputs
  • S/PDIF; Max sample rate of 96K at 24 bits
Audio USB input
  • Max sample rate of 96K at 24 bits
DSP resolution
  • 48K at 24 bits
AC Voltage in
  • 120 VAC±10% at 60Hz or 220 VAC±10% at 50Hz
USB Service Port
  • 5VDC at 2A
  • thermal, short circuit, & over current output protection
  • Active: 12 lbs / Passive: 11 lbs
Dimensions—passive speaker
  • 10″ H x 6 1/2″ W x 7 1/2″ D
Dimensions—active speaker (includes adjustment knobs)
  • 10” H x 6 1/2” W x 8 1/8” D
Shipping weight
  • 27 lbs
Shipping dimensions
  • 12 7/8″ H x 17 3/8″ W x 10 5/8″ D

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