Best Mother's Day Gifts of 2018

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Don’t stress yourself out by buying a gift at the last minute! Get your mother, grandmother or motherly figure in your life the right gift ahead of time.

We’ve put together some unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Wantboard that you won’t find in Canada. These hard to find items are perfect for the woman that claims she never needs or wants anything, but actually loves a well thought out gift.

Echo Show

The Echo Show was Amazon’s first Echo device with a touchscreen. You can speak to Alexa, but Alexa can also show you things on the device’s display.

If you or your friends or family also have an Echo Show, you can video call them on the device. You can also make hands-free audio calls to other Echo devices and friends and family with the Alexa app.

The Amazon Echo Show can do all the same things as other Echo devices and can be purchased from Wantboard for $294.99 CAD.

Tasty One Top

The Tasty One Top makes cooking an absolute breeze. The device can connect to the Tasty app on your iPhone to get access to more than 1700 recipes.

With the Tasty One Top you choose a recipe in the app, the One Top will automatically adjust the temperature and power to the correct settings. It can even track time and temperature in real-time.

The Tasty One Top is available from Wantboard for $249.99 CAD.

Ember Ceramic Mug

The Ember Ceramic Mug is one of the smartest mugs around. The mug can make sure your beverages at the right temperature so it never gets cold.

You can control the temperature via the companion smartphone app as well as the LED colour show on the mug, switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and even make presets for your favourite drinks.

Each Ember Ceramic Mug comes a Charging Coaster and allows you to charge the mug. It’s available now from Wantboard for $129.99 CAD.

Ember also made a Smart Travel Mug that has the same features as the Ceramic Mug, the Travel Mug is also available from Wantboard for $249.99 CAD.

Athena Wearable Safety Accessory

If you ever wanted to keep your friends and family safe, look no further than the Athena Wearable Safety Accessory.

It allows you to send live GPS notifications to your emergency contact and the wearable can emit a high-frequency alarm if hold down the device. You can put the wearable in your bag, clip to your clothing or wear it as a necklace.

The device connects to your Android or iOS device over Bluetooth and there are no recurring fees to worry about.

The battery on the Athena Wearable Safety Accessory lasts about 2-3 weeks on a charge. The Athena Wearable Safety Accessory is available now from Wantboard for $214.99 CAD.

ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

As the name implies, the ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker that also floats. That’s thanks to the magnetic base that helps it levitate.

The device has an illuminated pod that lights up when you switch it on, along with soft cushion padding. The speaker emits a warm-golden glow that is adjustable via the companion app and makes a great nightstand speaker or to use with meditation or yoga.

The orb part of the device can be used individually as a portable speaker without needing the base. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to play your music or podcasts.

The ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker is available now from Wantboard for $177.99 CAD.

See nothing of interest here? Then check out the rest of Wantboard’s Mother’s Day Collection, or request an item.