“This item doesn’t ship to your country” is a phrase we can’t stand. That’s why we started Wantboard.

We were frustrated that our favourite products weren’t available in Canada. When we searched for them online, we sometimes found resellers selling them with high profit margins, making the products unaffordable and inaccessible. In those moments, we might have abandoned our carts, but we didn't abandon our hope.

Our Mission

Wantboard isn’t just limited to the electronics and tech products on our website – we’re an on-demand shopping service. If you’re longing for something from another part of the world, we can probably find it for you. We dream of a world where people can get access to the products they want, barrier-free.

Our mission is to give Canadians access to products that aren’t available in Canada. From electronics to beauty products and beyond, we can help you buy the latest speciality items you want from all corners of the world and ship them right to you. Find out how it works.


Wantboard is pleased to give back to our community. That’s why we’re members of the Upside Foundation where we’ve pledged to donate 1% of the proceeds from an exit (such as an acquisition or IPO) to local charities. We are also active members of MaRS and Communitech.