Wyze Video Doorbell (Hardwired) - ships in February 2021

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the Wyze Video Doorbell (Hardwired) - ships in February 2021! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.

  • Wyze Video Doorbell (Hardwired) - ships in February 2021


Wyze Video Doorbell (Hardwired) - ships in February 2021

Ships to Canada - Be one of the first to get the Wyze Video Doorbell (Hardwired) - ships in February 2021! Wantboard is your destination for buying products that aren't sold in Canada.


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Wyze Video Doorbell records and live streams video in 1080p Full HD with a 3:4 aspect ratio so you can see every visitor from head to toe. You’ll also be able to see packages left on the ground beneath your doorbell.

Note: Ships in February 2021.


  • 1080p Full HD - Live stream & two-way audio. Never feel away from home again with two-way audio. When someone approaches your door, just open the app to begin talking.

  • 3:4 Aspect Ratio - See people head to toe. People are taller than they are wide. So is our live stream. Video Doorbell records and live streams video in 1080p Full HD with a 3:4 aspect ratio so you can see every visitor from head to toe. You’ll also be able to see packages left on the ground beneath your doorbell.

  • Free Cloud Storage - No subscription required for motion-activated videos. Standard motion detection records 12‑second videos and stores them in the cloud for rolling 14 days for free. Option to upgrade to Cam Plus for $1.99/month to receive real-time alerts when people are detected and store full-length videos in the cloud for 14 days.

  • Chime Included - Hear your doorbell ring, chirp, or bark from any room. Pair any number of wireless Wyze Chimes with your doorbell so every room in your house is ready to alert you when someone’s at the door. One chime is included with each Wyze Video Doorbell. Choose from 19 different chime sounds including traditional bells to birds chirping.

  • Instant Notifications - Never miss another visitor. Unless you want to. Receive instant push notifications when Wyze Video Doorbell is pressed so you know the moment someone’s at your door. Pull up a live stream of your visitor before responding to decide whether you’d like to ignore a solicitor or answer the delivery driver.

  • Slim Profile - Size matters. And we’re as small as it gets. Keep your curb appeal and let your door stay the 
center of attention with our slick, compact design. Don't worry about visitors missing it. A motion-activated LED will grab their attention as soon as they approach. 

  • Motion Detection, Smart Alerts & Video RecordingBeware of Doorbell. Wyze Video Doorbell lights up brightly when motion is detected nearby, alerting visitors and would-be porch pirates of your video doorbell. Plus, you can turn on push notifications to get a phone alert whenever anyone or anything approaches your door, even if they don't ring the doorbell. Capture visitors with 12-second videos and stores them in the cloud for rolling 14 days for free.

  • Let guests in remotely with Wyze Lock. Better with Wyze Lock. Don’t worry if the dinner party shows up before you. Let your friends inside when you’re stuck in traffic by remotely unlocking your door with Wyze Lock.

  • IP65 weather resistant - Built to endure the elements. Install Wyze Video Doorbell on your door without worrying about interference from the elements. IP65 weather resistance protects this doorbell from rain, snow, and sun.

  • Easy installation. Replace your existing hardwired doorbell in under 30 minutes with the easy DIY installation guide.


Doorbell Hardware 

Power Method for doorbell Hardwire required: 16V-24V AC, ≥10VA

Power with existing doorbell-chime circuit, or use a standalone transformer and wires.

Wyze Video Doorbell: 1.5'' width x 3.25'' tall x 0.625'' depth

Wyze Chime: 1.9685'' x 1.9685'' x 1.37795''

Wyze Video Doorbell: 1.7oz / 49g

Wyze Chime: 2.0 oz / 56g

CPU: 1.5GHz, Ingenic T31

Memory: 128MB

Image Sensor: 2K (Resolution: 2048 x 1536)

Flash: 16MB

White LED (Fill Light): 6 x 5000K (daylight color temperature) LED

IR Night Light: 4 x 940nm Infrared LED

Camera: F2.0 aperture, 2.7mm focal length, 1/2.8" CMOS

Audio: Built in Speaker & Microphone; 2-way audio; Noise & Echo Cancellation

Connectivity: Direct to WiFi (no base station needed): 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz (5GHz WiFi not supported)

Sub1G: 906.8MHz, used for local connection between doorbell and chime.


Screw the doorbell to walls with

Wedge (aka corner kit): Tilt the angle of view 30 degrees horizontally.

Wall Plate - It would fix the doorbell flat on the wall


Weather Resistance: IP65 weather-resistant


Temperature Storage: -40 to 176°F (or -40 to 80°C)

Operating: -4 to 122°F (or -20 to 50°C)

Image Quality

Resolution / Video Definition By launch: [1080p] 1296 x 1728 and [480p] 480 x 640

Future OTA: [2K] 1536 x 2046

Field of View Vertical: 120 degree; Horizontal: 88 degree

Day time video: 20 FPS

Night time video: 15 FPS

Zoom: 8x digital


Operating Systems: Supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or later

Alerts: Push notifications; Wyze Chime sounds

Cloud Storage: Free rolling 14 days of Event Videos stored in the AWS Cloud

Data Security: End-to-end encryption; HTTPS secure transfer protocol; AES 128-bit encryption


Tunes (19): 5 modern tunes, 4 classic doorbell chimes, 3 animal sounds, 6 sounds for automation, 1 intruder alarm

Standard power outlet: 100V-240V, 0.1A, 50/60Hz

In The Box:

  • Wyze Video Doorbell x1

  • Wyze Chime x1

  • Wall Plate x1

  • Wedge (Horizontal, 30°) x1

  • Wire Caps x4

  • Bracket Screws x2

  • Screws & Expansion Tubes x2

  • Extension Wires x2

  • Fuse x1

  • Quick Start Guide x1


Does Wyze Doorbell use batteries? No, it is a hardwired doorbell. Wyze Video Doorbell does not use batteries. It is hardwired, connecting directly with your existing mechanical chime power source.

Will my mechanical chime still work after installing the doorbell? No, your existing chime won't work. The existing chime will be bypassed so that the power can be used for your Wyze Video Doorbell.

Does the doorbell detect sound? No, it only detects motion. Your Wyze Video Doorbell can detect motion and people and has been optimized with a white LED light to ensure you see a clear face in the live stream. It does not detect sound.

Can I control the volume of the Wyze Chime? Yes, in your doorbell settings. To change your Wyze Chime volume:

1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Video Doorbell.

2. Tap on the Settings icon on the top right.

3. Tap Extended Devices > Chime > Tunes.

Is Wyze Video Doorbell weather resistant? Yes, Wyze Video Doorbell is IP65 rated as weather-resistant. This means that it is "dust-tight" and protected against water sprays from any angle.

Does Wyze Video Doorbell require bridge or base station? No. Wyze Video Doorbell connects directly to WiFi. It does not connect to the Bridge or the Wyze Base Station.

Is Cam Plus available on Wyze Video Doorbell? Yes, absolutely.

Can I use the Wyze Doorbell offline? Yes, but not all functions will work. Once your Wyze Video Doorbell is paired with Wyze Chime, it will chime when the doorbell is pressed, even if the doorbell is not connected to WiFi. However, the doorbell will not record event videos to the cloud or send push notifications to your phone if it is offline.

Does the doorbell come with a microSD card? No. Wyze Video Doorbell does not support a microSD card. All recorded events will be stored in the cloud.

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